Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I know this is late but I have been having some personal situations happening. However, I do have a bit to share. Last weekend was a very good one for me on a personal note. I was interviewed by two of my SHE-ROS, Katgurl and Nita on Saturday night. They asked some great questions. I could have gone into more detail but I knew that there was another guest and I wanted to to give him equal time, but, he didn't show up due to personal reasons and it turned out I could have elaborated more but It was all good. They asked my sister, Ms Felecia to speak and speak she did. I find her so inspiring. When I was done with the interview I was so pumped up. It was very well received. It felt good to share with the listeners and it didn't hurt that I had a few fans in the chat room. It always amazes me that I can just go through life doing my thing and touch so many people on such an intimate level. I don't know about you but I am really enjoying this networking thing. Which reminds me. I had a pretty good show myself. I got to interview Kevin Anthony, Comedian. I gotta admit, I was a little nervous at first. You can never be sure what a Comedian will say. Kevin was cool though. a real down to earth guy. He invited me to a pool party the weekend prior to the show and I got to see that he's just a "Regular" guy. He takes his humor straight from life in the style of Richard Pryor but He is his own man. This Saturday, June 6th I get to talk with some of the members of Sons of Harmony. We'll share some good ole inspirational music and talk about Their Ministry. I hope you can join us this Saturday and every Saturday 4pm - 5pm est. I am thinking of chaging the format just a slightly. The Last Saturday of every month will be a Chill with Comedy Show. At least as long as I can find guest to join me. We;ll see how it goes. Well, That's it for now.Hugs and Kisses, Stay Blessed

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