Monday, September 21, 2009

Your Copyright

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Changing My Song

It seems I am able to keep my spirit up while I'm going through, but I am human and I do have those moments of doubt. Today was one of those days. At lease it was until I opened an email from Joel Osteen. It was titled Change Your Song and referenced

"Unto You, O my Strength, I will sing praises; for God is my Defense, my Fortress, and High Tower, the God Who shows me mercy and steadfast love" (Psalm 59:17, AMP)

Joel went on to say,

Notice, in David's time of need, he wasn't sitting around having a pity party and complaining. He decided to sing about the greatness of God. He was saying in effect, "My enemies may be powerful, but I know my God is all powerful. My obstacles may be high, but I know my God is the Most High." He wasn't talking to God about how big his problems were; he was talking to his problems about how big his God was!

Do you need to change your song today? Instead of complaining and thinking about what you're not, start thanking God for what you are becoming. Just like David, stay in faith and sing to the Lord knowing that He's going to complete what He's started in you.

Even though I was really complaining, just feeling a little down about my situation, this message touched me and I instantly began to thank God for where I am and where He is directing me to go. Guess what, I feel so much better now.

My God is is an Awesome God, yes He is Praise Him!

Even though we know we are well provided for, things and circumstances can get us down. We must praise Him through our circumstance. We have to rise above it all and keep our eyes on the prize.

I hope this note helps you Like Joel's helped me. Hang in there and keep encouraged, The Best Is Yet To Come!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

God's Promise

My God is so good, All The Time. I thank him for journey and the Blessings. I am learning so much. I am meeting so many wonderful, smart and encouraging people. My Blogtalk show is going so well that I am having folks approach me to be on it. It is all due to me continuing to follow the path that God has planned for me. I always know which way to go at the fork in the road if I listen to that inner voice he gave me. I am just so happy today. I was laid off from my good paying job on June 28 2009. Some people might look upon this as a bad thing, but I had been praying on this thing for about 8 months. It seemed to me that the job was in my way (God's Way). I never asked to keep it or to lose it, I just told God to fix it, whichever way it went. So, when I was called to office, I was not surprised and when I was given the news, I smiled because I had been given my answer. I need to focus on the plan and follow the path. Luckily, I had some money in the bank and even though that balance is shrinking way to fast for my comfort, I remain faithful that God has my back. I asked and He answered and I am moving my feet. Just yesterday, I completed negotiations with my friend and new business partner, Glenn Gordon. I am so happy that God allowed our paths to cross. He has been a blessing and an inspiration. He introduced me to The System Within, which has allowed to meet some totally awesome people, and he said to me last evening, "Forget about a job, we are about to do some things..." There is no way you can tell me that there is no God, He proves himself to me each and every moment of each and everyday. Get $25 Bonus Ad Pay Per Click credits I will be making an offical announcement of my next venture, and you know it will be something that helps other people. That's all I know how to do, and that is why God blesses me so richly. Keep me in your prayers, and stay encouraged in your own endeavors. The Best is Yet to Come. Amen