Sunday, January 14, 2018

Off To The Future

I am so excited to experience what God has in store for me in this year 2018. I have told you about the goodness of my Lord and Savior. You have seen his hand in my life over the past decade or so. I have always been open and honest about the miracles he has worked in my life.

I know that when you submit to His will, your journey is so much sweeter because you realize that no matter how bad it looks, God has a plan for you. Just like a loving parent, God allows you to walk on your own, but trust, he is there looking over you, protecting you from danger and harm. As long as we stay obedient to his Word, He will continue to bless us. To gain the biggest benefit, you must maintain your personal relationship with Our Lord.

When you do and are in tune, you will see how God reveals. If you are not clear, or don't feel sure of a situation, just be still, take it to God and watch how your correct next step will be revealed. Ask Him to smooth it out for you and then look and listen, I promise you, He will direct your steps.

Sometimes, it feels like He has forgotten your request, He has not. There maybe many reasons for this. Perhaps you have a lesson to learn or you need to associate or even disassociate with people, places, and/or things. Just listen.

To become a good listener to God's instruction, you must give Him time. This is how you build and maintain a personal relationship with God. Pray to Him, let Him know you appreciate everything He has done and will do. Praise Him even when you are in the center of the storm. I  am telling you that if you do this and steady His Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (BIBLE), You will see the evidence of God in your life.

Just recently, I have had a test. I asked that God reveal the truth of a situation and true to His word, He has opened my eyes. I am seeing the path I should take so clearly and the outcome has already been promised, Amen and Amen.

To those who follow my writings, God bless and keep you and may 2018 be you best most bless year ever!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Good bye 2017...Hello 2018

Today is the first day of a New Year, a blank canvas to fill with learning, loving, fun, success and fulfillment.

I am not sad to see 2017 leave, it was a year of many obstacles, many changes, some good and some not so good. The best thing I can say about 2017 is that the last quarter brought me something I'd never imagined I have again, It brought me love, and for that I am truly grateful to God.

Now is the time to reflect on 2017, see the mistakes and the successes and make  a plan for 2018. There are several things I'd like to accomplish this year. First, I have to take WDGP radio to the next level fr myself, for Indie Artists and for the children, which brings me to my next goal, Children's World of Music will flourish in 2018.  There is much to be done and only 364 days left to get to it.  It's now or never so I choose now. Let's take this journey together and make this year 2018 the best year yet!