Sunday, June 7, 2009

What's on My Mind

Yesterday's Show featured the Sons of Harmony. It was a good show with some old school gospel music. I really enjoyed it and i will be purchasing the CD when it becomes available. Tonight I will be assisting my brother Sylver with his show The Sylver Show he will be interviewing Mr. Brandon Trainer of the Raleigh Black Chamber of Commerce. I am sure it will be an informative one. It is my goal to spotlight as many of the businesses, services and products of the Internet Marketers members as I can. It is my duty to get them to participate. I am trying to get them to avail themselves of this free publicity. One would think I am offering them instant death instead. I guess it is hard for people to believe that anyone wants to help just for the sake of helping. It's funny that although I have had some members take advantage of my offer, It has mostly been those that I know from other places who appear as guest on my show. I am going to make one more offer to my membership and then I will leave it alone and focus on the many other people who are willing to accept my help. I remain motivated to help those I can.

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