Sunday, February 19, 2012

     Here it is, days into the second half of February 2012. On the one hand, it seems just yesterday it was January 2011, on the other, it's been a tumultuous 13 months. I remain without a steady income. I have lost my car and I am barely holding on to my home.  I have been reasons to just give up but I can not. I know it's not the end, just the clearing out for my new beginning.

     I think that when things are meant to be, they just are. Take WDGP for example, through all I have been going through, the station lives on. We celebrated out 2 year anniversary on January 28, 2012. It's been an amazing time with much growth and a few changes and we will change even more this year. Although I am struggling in my personal finances, WDGP is strong and flush. There are those folk out there who never want to see it fade away. This is further confirmation that I am doing a good thing. I help people and people help me keep the station going. My Dad was right, help others for the sake of helping and you will find yourself receiving as good or better than you give.

     I have been wanting to find a minister to bring the Listeners the word on Sunday morning., but I wanted the right person. Someone who brings the word right from The Good Book. I know all you have to do is ask and it will be given. God allowed me to cross paths with a wonderful man of God. I didn't know it then but he has been such a blessing to me. He is a young Pastor building his church and he has the fire for God that I was seeking. We never know when people enter our lives if they will stay for a season or for the duration, all we can do is live love and learn the lessons they bring us. Keep faithful and remain on our paths. Let God do the steering and all will be well.

     I don't want you to think that it's easy for myself or anyone else, after all,  we are only human, with human thoughts and feelings and as I stated earlier, there have been those times that I wonder why I continue to try to get to that better place in this life.  The conclusion I always come to is that my work has not been completed yet and if God has to tear down what I have built over the last 40 years, I trust his wisdom and I comply with the plan because I know he has not brought me here to desert me now.

     I thank Him for everything that He provides and I lean on Him completely. I know my strength comes from Him that created me. I want everyone that reads my postings to stop and count your blessings and forget all about your trials, for this I know, all you need do is look around at what others are going through and you will see that your not doing so bad after all. Stay encouraged, Stay prayed up and follow His path for you. For God loves you and so do I.