Thursday, September 20, 2012

I've got my picture on the inside, Let's Go.

I am a believer in following your path and I know that every time I did something that took me from mine, I suffered because of it. Since I have gone back to truly staying on my path, the blessings continually  flow, as long as I face fear and step up to the plate and "move my feet" I know God will continue to put the right folks in the right places at the right time.  My confirmation comes from a Man who always lifts my spirit. The "Smiling Pastor" Joel Osteen. I just read this Facebook Post.

"Once You get a picture of your potential on the inside, then God can bring it to pass on the outside"

I got my picture on the inside back 2009. I have been on a mission since then, not sure where I was headed but trusting God to open necessary doors. In 2011, I lost my slave job and even as things had to change, I was able to continue on my path. WDGP was founded in January 2010. (Honestly, It appears to me now that I was always been steered toward music, from childhood.).  Now, in 2012, I have officially started the task of building a non profit organization that will support musical enrichments to Children who have a talent and desire to explore the world of music. Children's World of Music is an organization that will start in PG County Md. and grow from there. We want to be a place where low to moderate income households can send their children to an After-school, Saturday, and Summer program where children can explore and develop their musical talents in the areas of reading and writing music, poetry,  songs, recording and production of music, learning how to protect their intellectual property and more. Not only will they be able to produce it, they will be able to promote it on WDGP Radio.

We are all set, just waiting to see if we get approved for 501(3) status. if not, it won't stop the plan. We will start, even if we have to start on a smaller scale. I already have a couple of folks who have agreed  to let us use their space if need be.

See what I mean? When you stay on your path it all comes together. We will start planning fund raising events at least one this Fall/Winter season and continue from there. I am blessed with trusted, talented friends who will help me get things rolling. We already have a website and a Facebook page. Check us out and like our page so you can stay connected and informed of our progress. If you would like to donate, time. ideas or money - please contact me via email,  Thank you in advance for your support.