Saturday, December 3, 2011

Through the Storm to the Sunshine

It is now December and as is my custom, I am reviewing the blogs I have posted all year. I am pleased with what I have written as well as what I have accomplished.

In July, I wrote that I needed to give up my nursing job, but that that would be a ways off. Lo and behold, I am not longer working as a nurse. I am now an Insurance Agent/Field Underwriter. Who would have thought it? Certainly not me.

It is a job I never imagined doing, but guess what, I enjoy it and I love the folks I am working with. Mostly because I am working for myself. I shared in the past that I am not an "employee" type person and now I am managing my own business (another one) and loving it and the fact that I am meeting so many folks and I am still helping. I am helping them protect their loved ones, plan for their futures and protect their assets. Life is great and God is good.

WDGP is growing by leaps and bounds and we are about to do some amazing things. I have wanted to assist the Artists not just with promotion and air play but with allowing listeners to purchase and download their music right from the WDGP website. I am please to announce here that is about to happen in a couple of weeks.

Everything is coming up Roses and I thank God for guiding my steps and putting the right people in my path. He is truly amazing and I love him with my whole heart. If you follow this blog, you know I have had my share of changes, trials and tribulations (as we all have) but through it all I have continued to praise and thank God even in the midst the the turbulence.

This is my message and my hope for you. No matter what your going through, keep your faith strong and you praise sincere, Thank God even when what you think are bad things happen and you will come out on the other side Smiling, Happy and Prosperous. Amen!

Please do stop by WDGP and have a listen, if you haven't already. It is our hope that one visit will not be enough and you will make us one of your favorite places to hear great music. Once you like us, Like us on Facebook too. Thank you.

Here is me wishing you and yours all the joy and happiness of the coming season and prosperity for the New Year and beyond.  May we all remember the reason for the season and give our thanks.