Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pleasing People?

I have always known, but the fact was recently hammered home to me, that no matter what you do, you cannot please all of the people all the time.

Some of you know that I own an Internet Radio Station. We promote Independent Artists by only playing music from them by them and we do not charge them for this service. However, we do charge them if they want to have their work in heavy rotation (our charge is nominal compared to other stations). But I digress. 
 I have used a service for submissions since I started the station. This is a service that I feel protects the Artist and their work. When I signed up to use them, it were free for Artists to submit to my site and in the 18 months WDGP has been in existence, I have never had 1 Artist complain about them, until now. I don’t know if this person cannot read, has low intelligence, thinks the world owes them something or is just a miserable bitter person.
This person, supposedly an Artist, sent me an email that said 

“No you don’t charge to play the music, you just send people to a submission site that does.”  
That was all. When I read it I became concerned, since no one else had mentioned this to me before. I shot off an email to this person, giving them another way to get their music to me. (I got no response.) 

I thought maybe the submission site had changed their terms on me and since I hadn’t received any notice of change in service, I went to the source.  There were no changes to the terms of use so I called them. No nothing had changed. Now I was a bit disturbed. 

Perhaps this person was just a bit confused. I sent another email, explaining that they were wrong, the service does not charge people to submit to my station, however, they do charge if you want to submit to other stations as well. They offer different packages at different prices, depending on how many stations the person wants to submit to.

I think this is fair. They do the work for you, keep track of which stations accept your music and send you emails for your own records. It is only fair that they be compensated. I invited the person to submit their music, if it was up to par, for consideration. You see I was now suspicious of the motive in sending the email in the first place. I had gone above and beyond, offering this person a direct link to me to submit, with no response at all.
It seems my suspicions were correct, judging by the response I got to the last email, saying that it was strange that I had to check with the service and they didn’t have time to sort through such a confusing site to find a free way to submit and no, they would not be submitting to my station. BIG lost for me right? NOT!  Hundreds of Artists have had no trouble finding out how to submit to WDGP. The proof is in the submissions I have received. 

But it is funny how one adverse response can give you pause. Am I not clear, do I need to change something in my print? I have spoken to several folks about this and they all say to just let it go, I want to, but this person is out there possibly spreading negativity about my station or about me or about the service I am using. I am told that they can’t do me any harm since I am established and have many Artists that would disagree with this person’s negative reaction. Still, it bothers me, so I decided to write about since there is really nothing else I can do and then let it go.  Am I correct that this is just bitter person, maybe not even an Artist, just someone with nothing better to do then aggravate me? What say you?