Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ongoing Journey

Those who are familiar with my style know that I am forever an encourager, that is how I keep myself encouraged. It has always been my belief that if you help others you help yourself as well. I post the most inspirational quotes I can find on my Facebook and Twitter pages, while continuing to Brand myself as an entrepreneur, Coach, motivator, Broadcast Professional and the like.

If you follow me you also know that I have always said that this is not the time to put all your eggs in 1 basket as it relates to a "job" (just over broke) gone are the days of our Fathers when you stayed on a job for 20 - 30 years and retired with a gold watch and the promise of enjoying their final years enjoying the flowers. Most folk who do retire these days, do so reluctantly because their retirement income will not be able to sustain their lifestyle in retirement. I personally am not relying on any pension and just flat out forget about social security.

If you still have a "job" this is the time to begin (if you haven't started already) to build your residual income streams. You might ask how? I say do your research and see what's working. Discover how much money you have to invest and then see what fits. I suggest that if you are just starting out you try low cost ventures and as you gain your footing, go for the higher payoff. I will share with you the streams I am cultivating, Some of them pay very well and some produce a modest income stream. Just investigate and find out if any of them work for you and of course you can ask me anything.

Lower Start Up Costs:

SFI - Free to Low Costs monthly - Several ways to generate streams
Level 9 -  $10 a month - refer 3 and get residual payments

Moderate Start Up Costs:

MCA -  $79.98 to start then $39.98 monthly.

Medium High Start Up Costs:

Organo Gold - costs depend on your entry level and there is a monthly autoship strongly suggested.

I have a couple others opportunities I can recommend. Just let me know what you need by leaving your questions, comments below. Thank you and I send wishes for your continued success.