Sunday, February 19, 2017


You can never know where your motivation will come from. Most recently, mine came from my "slave" job, The one I do just to have a few dollars coming in so I can spend time manifesting my true goal of surpassing the slave job income so I'll be able to live the life I want and deserve.

I was working for the same company at a facility about 12 minutes from my home. I was only working part time because they didn't have the position I wanted open so I was working as a back up MDS Coordinator and filling in the remaining part time hours working as a charge nurse, audit nurse, or supervisor depending on the facility need.

I was told by my DON that the MDS corporate boss wanted me to take a full time MDS position in another facility as there were several openings in several of their buildings. The draw back was that all of the other facilities are at least an hour away from me, besides that, I wasn't really in the market for a full time gig as I am building my own business and require the extra time to do so.

To make a long story short, I interviewed at this one facility and was initially told I would get a particular wage that turned out to be lower when all was said and done. I took the position anyway because I was promised a larger increase later on. Well, you guessed it, not only did I not get the extra increase, I got less than the traditional 2% increase. I was livid.

Thus, my motivation to concentrate on me and my plans to grow my own business. This year, I will not only replace the income from the slave job, but surpass it. I am laying all my ground work, everything is in place, now watch me work.

You just never know when or where you'll get that jolt that catapults you to your success.

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