Saturday, January 21, 2017

2017 Let's Get Started

As is my custom, I have been reviewing my life this week. I have become aware of the fact that everything, every situation that you go through shapes you; sharpens or softens you, the real you. I had good parents. They laid a good foundation. They made sure I was well grounded, respectful, humble and responsible. For these things, I will forever be thankful. Of course, they weren’t perfect, as no one is; and there are some things that really did some damage. I wish it wasn’t so, but that doesn’t change the facts. I may elaborate at a later time; as that isn’t the topic for today and relates only as an illustration. Thank God for Jesus! When you trust in Him, He restores you. This has been my experience and I want you to know that it is so freeing, so powerful. I feel true happiness and peace. Peace is a glorious thing. It allows you to not be distracted and focus on what is important for your life here now and later in the hereafter.
This is also my time to look ahead, ask God for guidance and influence and sit back, be still, and listen for divine inspiration and motivation. It always comes.

Then, it’s time to strategize, plan, and execute. This year marks a new beginning for me. This year will set the tone for this next decade. First order of business is to replace my current slave job income, which isn’t enough dollar for the time I must invest to do a great job. T accomplish this, I must increase income on my business. This is crunch time, it’s now or never, it’s do or die trying. Things are about to change in my world. One thing I have done is to relaunch Diana’s Space on its own platform. You can find your favorite online gift shop by pointing to Diana’s Space.

I am also working hard on my affiliate marketing efforts. Then there is also the expansion of WDGP to Internet TV which has to be delayed until later this year, but be sure, it is going to happen.
I am excited to think of all the possibilities, here we go!

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