Saturday, April 4, 2009

Helping Myself by Helping Others

I just finished listening to the playback of my blogtalk show. I was discussing branding, what it means and ways to do it. I didn't have many listeners and there were only a couple of peple in the chat room but I enjoyed doing this one. I wasn't sure I gave much information but I did get some positive feedback. A couple of people had been invited to callin and share their advice and products. I'm sure they had good reasons for not showing upand I am sorry that they missed an opportunity to get their brands out there. At any rate, my co host Ms Felecia brought up the point that she would be interested in learning more about domain names and building your own websites and things of that nature. So I think I am going to work on a video in which I talk about these topics and give out some resources that are inexpensive, some of them free or near free, to help you get your brand out. I will post more about it later. Stay tuned, I don't want you to miss a beat.

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