Sunday, April 26, 2015

My Weekend

This has been a great weekend for me. My intuition is sharp and I know I am on the correct path. It was confirmed Friday night when I went to the Good Friday program at my church. When my sister first informed about the service,  I was lukewarm. Fridays are always hard for me I am always tired from the week. On Friday morning, I awoke tired as usually but by the time I got to work I was feeling better. I think it was because I had made the decision to go to the service that evening. I was now looking forward to it.

One of my Brother and a Sister spoke during the program. There were seven speakers and they had all been given a scripture to explain. In between the speakers were songs and dancers. My Brother has always been shy and so I was amazed at the fact that he was speaking, but I was blow away by his message. My sister has always been a great speaker and she good as were the other speakers. I was really enjoying the service and thanking God for all my blessings.

After the closing prayer, we all were socializing saying hi to each other and catching up. I was giving and getting hugs and kisses and feeling so much love and peacefulness. Then the First Lady of the church came over to speak to me and I just reached out and hugged her, something came over me and I told her I loved her (She is an awesome woman of Christ). She said she needed that and hugged me tighter. As we were embraced this feeling came over the both of us and she begin speaking in tongues and saying she felt that, so did I it was like a jolt of energy and I was instantly changed. She kept saying that I was anointed. This wasn't the first time I have been told this. Another minister had told me this many years ago in my youth. This time I was so overwhelmed with this feeling of joy. I knew in that instant that the goals I have set for myself will be fulfilled. Before the First Lady came over to us I had been telling my Sister about my vision and asking for her help. After the encounter with the First Lady, I couldn't even finish my explanation to my Sister, but she, who is also a spiritual soul, simply said, “Yes, I help you no problem.”

Saturday afternoon, I did my Blogtalk Radio Show where I talked with Laurel Nicolosi and one of her sponsor or “Upline” Ronnie Branch. It was a good show they gave some good information, so good that I became a customer. And you'll never guess, Ronnie joined my social network, Internet Marketers, God is good, and  life great. I felt I needed to fortify myself, not just spiritually but physically as well. I was led to purchase their Vitality packs because they seem to have the nutrients a body requires for good health. I’ll let you know in about a month if I notice any benefit from taking them. I have a feeling I will.

My main goal is to replace my current income from a JOB and do what I want when I want. One thing I want to do is to start a program to help adolescent females grow into self-confident, accomplished women. Everyone keeps telling me girls are hard, but that's what has been put on my heart. Having raised daughters, I think today’s teenagers need a lot more guidance and there are so many programs for boys, the girls are being overlooked. With all that’s in the news lately, all the physical abuse, murders of Mothers and Daughters, and with the economic problems, like the Boys and Girls Clubs having to downsize, it just seems that now is the time. So this is what I will be working on. My first step is to raise some money for my project. I’ll let you know how I progress.

Editor's Note: I originally wrote this blog entry in April of 2009 for some reason, it was never posted. I post it now because as I read it, I realized that I have indeed been on my path and the joy is in looking back and seeing my growth. The program for Girls evolved into a music based program for all children. God gave me that and I have in deep in my heart and soul. It is now a reality, I am working hard on building our funds, Our first fundraiser for the public is scheduled for May 30th 2015. God is great and worthy to be praised!!

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