Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Today's blog entry is different from other blogs I have written. I am writing abut my gratefulness. My gratefulness to God and the universe.I always felt that I would come into my own in the later years of my life. Even when I prayed to God to just let me lie to see my children grow up when I had my early bout with the big Ca, I felt that there was something more in store for me. I am now standing on that threshold. I am listening, I am focused, I am ready. I am very fortunate to have been introduced to The System Within. I am thankful that God allowed Mr Glenn Gordon to cross my path. He has been an encouragement and a Godsend of knowledge and information. It is true that a little kindness can ripple into a wondrous event. I am not able to share with you at this point, but, keep your eyes on me. I don't want you to miss it. Friday night I went to see Danny Williams preform. He was marvelous. His set flowed effortlessly and everyone seemed to enjoy him and his antics. He was my guest Saturday on the Internet Marketers BTR show at 4 pm est. If you missed it you can listen to the archived show from my show page. Although we had some technical difficulties, I think the show went well. Look for a few subtle changes in the IMBTR format in the near future. I have come up with a way to offer exposure to more of the talented members of Internet Marketers as well as the members of TSW. I am so excited about the future. Remember, there will be no show on July 4th in honor of the holiday. Don't forget about the contest with Glenn Gordon (GG) It will conclude on July 11th during the show. We will give away 2 copyrighting kits (a$60 value) , as well as a couple of his CDs. Please see the show page for details. Everything happens in God's time. I am so grateful that His time is now. God bless my family, friends and readers and help them to stay faithful and encouraged.

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