Monday, July 13, 2009

This is What is on My Mind Today

I am thinking about all the hard working families that do not have health and dental insurance or who are under insured, like myself. This is one of the issues that our President is tackling right now, but as you know legislative change is slow. I am thinking about how I can assist them with an alternative right now. I have discovered a company that will provide a supplemental program to those who have insurance and an alternative for those who cannot afford traditional health insurance. You can receive deep discounts in fees for services. You can have a program that offers deep discounts on services for Health, Dental, Vision, Prescription, Chiropractic Care for less than $40 a month. This includes the entire household regardless of age. For less than $60 a month you can have all that plus Auto Club, Legal Services and Identity Theft Assistance. This is with a company that has been in debt free exsistance for over 15 years. Click here to find out more about the benefits. In addition to offering these services, You can earn income and become a work from home entrepreneur building your business by helping others. Click here to find out more about the income opportunity. I wish the best for evryone. Let's continue to support each other and stay encouraged. Rmember, this too shall past.

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