Sunday, August 24, 2014

Life, a Precious Gift (Miracles Happen Everyday)

Life is beautiful, amazing, unpredictable and a gift from God. It is to cherished and enjoyed. Life is full of miracles. They really do happen daily. It is just that some attribute them to luck or fate, I say they are all from God. If you believe in Father, Son and Holy Spirit, you will begin to recognize them and stop and give thanks for His goodness and mercy. I believe that to help each other to recognize the goodness and mercy of God, we must share our experiences. Today I will relay to you the reader, the last miracle I experienced.

On August 8, 2014, I was on my way to my Aunt's funeral. I had to travel about 50 minutes so I was on Interstate 97 heading for Glen Burnie, Md. On this particular stretch of highway the speed limit is 65 miles per hour. As you might imagine, at 10 am in the morning, there was not a lot of traffic, thus I am sure all were traveling a bit faster than 65 mpg. I think I was at 75 myself and the car ahead of me was not that close. I was in the right lane and I remember that there was a small white compact car in front of me. In the left lane, about 3 cars ahead of me was a Cadillac. I  noticed because I saw it sway out back and forth and then spin around to face us. and it was coming head on. Myself and the white vehicle in front of me hit the brakes. The Cadillac came to stop half on the shoulder and have in our path. The miracle was not that we all stopped in time but that we stopped dead in our tracks with no skidding. At the speed we were traveling, this is not a likely scenario. It was the hand of God that stops our vehicles so suddenly. No evidence that we were speeding. After Thanking God for saving us all. I proceeded on my way.

As I continued, I noticed the white car was not yet moving and imagined the driver was a bit shocked since that car would have have the worst of it being hit from front and back if God had not intervened. I also thought about the headline if it had been a different outcome. I mean, how ironic would it have been to be on the way to a Home Going celebration and be joining your loved one because of something like this. Trust me when I say, I was so thankful and full to know the grace of god at that moment and the hours that followed. Even now weeks later when i think about this incident, my soul is so happy and full of gratitude, I am tearing as I type this recounting of my latest miracle.

When I told of this miracle to a friend, she said,

"God isn't through with you yet, you've got some more work to do!"

I think she was right and I stand ready to go where He leads me. I will not waste a moment. Life is a precious gift and I am so so appreciative.  I encourage you to continue to your personal relationship with the Father and stay on the path He has for you, for there is nothing small about it. Keep your eyes open for everyday miracles!

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