Saturday, October 31, 2009

God's Blessings...

God's Blessings never stop coming. I am so in awe of his mighty power. I just finished my last live broadcast at Blogtalk. I am so pleased with the outcome even though there were the still a couple of problems, a staple with blogtalk these days, but the show went well overall. My guest were Reggie Hargis - guitar and Jimmy Brown - Horns from Brick. It was truly and honor for me to be interviewing members from a group whose music I grew up listening to. Better still was them telling me that they want to work with me on something. Oh My God! I am well past excited. They are also going to work with GG and myself on our pet project which is educating people, in particular the youth on how to do their own copyrights, start their own publishing companies and their own record labels. I always wanted to be in the entertainment business so this is the closest I'm gonna get at this stage of the game. I am also looking forward to the start of my new Internet Radio show. CONVERSATIONS. I will be interviewing and promoting independent artists as well as some of the old school greats from time to time. I hope you will join us and become a loyal listener. Conversations will air every Saturday from 7pm - 9pm est. Of course Internet Marketers Network is continuing to grow, all praises to God. It is bigger and better than I ever imagined and it is getting better all the time. We have our own safe list to market t and are about to become part of an even bigger list. I am so pleased with all that is happening in my world and I pray the best for you and yours. Thanks to Reggie and Jimmy for gracing my show. Look to hear more from them on Conversations.

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