Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blue Sky Thinking

Today on Blogtalk Radio our guest was Daniel Jingwa. He is author of the book "Blue Sky Thinking" and the founder of Happy Energy Inc Seminars. I first met Daniel when I went to work at an area nursing home. Right away I was drawn to his spirit. He practices what he preaches. He has always been one of the most positive people I have ever met. He more than deserves his success. During the broadcast he shared information about how and why he became an author and started the Happy Energy Inc Seminar company. There was a problem during the last eight minutes of the broadcast and I lost my connection, luckily, there was less than 8 minutes left in the show. When called in again, I was surprised to see that all the participants in the chat room were still there. I did my thank yous and started the closing music. I then discovered that there were two people still on the line. after the show had stopped streaming I asked if the 2 people wanted to have a word and one of them was Daniel Jingwa, the other person was my sister, Sandy. We had a lovely conversation. I am not sure if that conversation made it into the archived show since I had an Internet problem as well and had to log on again but we never lost our connection to each other. I hope the conversation did make it to the archived show because it was so positive. I believe that if i help just one person, I have been successful. We definitely create our own realities by bwhat we think and how we execute those thoughts into actions. Sometimes, we need to rethink and revise our plans. If God has given us the direction, and we are slow to move in that direction, as we often do, by allowing other external things to get in our way, God will remove those obstacles so we can hear him and move toward our destiny. I have a friend who is so gifted and who has a couple of business going, but he had felt that he still needed a job. His wife was working outside the home and had been the sole financial support for the family as well as attending school herself. They are always hoping to improve their businesses so they won't have to depend on a job. God said lean on me and I will supply your needs. His wife has recently lost her job due to the economic climate and downsizing. She told her husband she was relieved to be out of that stressful situation as she felt it was going to happen. Now they are free to focus on their businesses and I know they will be successful because it has already been ordained. They are very positive people radiating that "Happy Energy", as we discussed on today's show. We are always talking about having a positive mindset. This is the foundation for all other aspects in our lives including business, personal relationships. What we put out into the Universe is what will be returned to us. In other words, we reap what we sow. If we keep this principal in mind and follow our predetermined path, meaning we take the necessary steps, we will be successful. My prayer is that all I am led to do benefits somebody, then it is not in in vain. Ask God for what you want and He will guide your steps as long as you move your feet.

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